Protective hair styling

This is one example of a protective hair style.
This trendy style is great for all natural hair types, including transitioners.
There are tons of tutorials on YouTube on similar styles as this to help protect your hair.
It is good to do protective styling because it causes you to tuck away your delicate ends and promotes healthy hair growth. And lets be real, it’s also a way for you not to have to style your hair everyday or night lol.
Protective hair styling can also protect your hair from the harsh sun in the summer time and the cold dry weather in the winter time.
Some examples of protective styling are: twists, braids, buns, headwraps, up-do’s and more.
Please keep in mind that although protective styles are good for your natural hair, you still need to make sure your hair & scalp is properly moisturized to keep your hair from breaking.
Experiment & see what protective styles work for you!!! 🙂


Protective hair styling


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